Websites Where You Can Make a Great Online Resume


Everyone knows how important it is to create a great resume to send to prospective employers, but not everyone has one available for access online. Even before you start looking for a new position, it’s an excellent idea to create an online resume so that great companies can find you before you ever need to find them.



This website allows you to create an online resume based on the information on your LinkedIn profile or choose to create one from information you input it yourself. This resume is easily found on Google and is therefore easily accessible to future employers. This site is great if you’d like to create a professional-looking resume on an online format.



Resumonk allows you to create an online resume that you can easily promote and that is also completely customizable. With just the basic profile you have the option of choosing from a variety of different designs and customizing the text you use for your headings and information. With the premium account, you have the option to create multiple resumes on the site, the option to export your site to PDF file, and the ability to create cover letters. Resumonk, like Visualcv, rank well on Google and therefore, have the ability to be seen easily by future employers.

Previously called, is different than other online resume builders. Unlike other online resume generator,, is an interface where you can share your resume with your other professionals that you’re already connected with on LinkedIn. When you sign up, you have the option to include your LinkedIn profile information that sends your LinkedIn connections to From there, you can choose to connect with the ones that are currently on and continue to interact with them on this site. According to their website, over 2 million people currently use. You can also use this website to find jobs and apply for them. Once created, your resume acts like a website and is easily navigable and looks very professional.


Whichever website you choose from, all of these online resume builders are great options to keep your education and employment information current for employers that may come across your information online.


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